Brief Interviews with DFW

Conversations with David Foster Wallace (Edited by Stephen J. Burn)

descargaIf we consider that literature should be transcendent and convey a universal message that can apply to all humankind, then not all literature is valid. If we deem a writer as someone with a deep urge to share his or her existential experience with others and voice his or her intimate fears in an artistic and challenging way, then not all writers are alike. David Foster Wallace seems to pertain to a category of writers that have something to say and have a very good way of saying it. Throughout his vast literature, DFW falls nothing short of an uncompromising mind that wants his readers to be engaged in their reading experience instead of being mere spectators and receivers. In a compilation of interviews conducted with him throughout his career, we have the mighty pleasure of getting acquainted with this eccentric persona and picking his brain on various issues such as the future of literature and American society. Author of the widely acclaimed Infinite Jest, DFW knows a thing or two about the effects of modern society and addictions on individuals, given the fact that he himself had a personal history of struggle with drugs and depression, which sadly led him to put an end to his life.

This book definitely piques the interest of this writer’s fans but it might also be alluring to people who have not read him. Just think of it as an introduction class to the psyche of David Foster Wallace: revealing yet it still makes you want to take on any of his books to see what all the fuss is about.


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