If on a Regular Day an Author…

Italo Calvino: If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler 

CalvinoI pride myself on being a very patient reader and I almost never leave a book unfinished. For Calvino, I am willing to make an exception. While struggling through the very beginning, I came to the conclusion that metafiction is a bold resource in a novel but not when the author is too caught up in his head that he fails at making it stick together. Fine, he also addresses the reader as the main character. Surely, back in the day, that would be a literary novelty. Even nowadays, the proximity is intriguing. Alas, I was not convinced. Calvino is too keen on intellectualizing the reading experience by introducing a novel within a novel and including the reader in the process that he forgets about the simplicity of a good story. All in all, the experience for me was somewhat frustrating.

An overcooked meal. Missing ingredient: heart.


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