Go Go Go

Jack Kerouac: On the Road

ON the roadBeat. Alcohol. Drugs. Jazz. Poetry. A life story written on the road. Kerouac captures the essence of a whole generation in its quest for belonging through unconventional methods. Even though the book is very loyal to the time and place it describes, I cannot shake off the feeling that it might as well be a universal code for travelling as it encompasses a wide range of experiences and feelings. On the Road is for everyone, the underdog, the revolutionary, the outcast. With a swift prose and relentless enthusiasm for adventure, Kerouac enthralls you with his free-spirit characters and the way they view the world. Although life for us might not always be the big voyage that Kerouac depicts, and although we are not all keen on leaving everything behind and taking on a hedonistic and careless journey just to discover ourselves, after reading this book, you will sure be tempted to give it a go. I speak for myself when I say that I could not help but fantasize about mustering up the courage to start a life on the road.


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