Coo Coo

the pigeonPatrick Süskind: The Pigeon

30 years old, no wife, no house, just a hotel room, peaceful existence. Until he met the pigeon. Jonathan Noel, who has managed to get through life with no big surprises, tries to go to his work as a bank security guard in Paris on a regular morning. What he does not know is that, at his doorstep, lies his fate and what probably will be an existential crisis, in the form of a pigeon. Appalled and disgusted by this small but filthy creature, Jonathan wishes he can just kill it, but rather musters the courage to get away from his small room, set on never returning again, while the pigeon would still be there. In the span of twenty four hours, Jonathan’s existence is hanging by the thread. Short, funny and insightful, The Pigeon takes us on a psychological trip of a man who all his life has sought an unshakable equilibrium, only to be disturbed by a harmless inhabitant of the city. Very reminiscent of Kafka, the metaphors are hard to miss. This book will leave you… liberated.


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