शांति or Peace

SiddhartaHermann Hesse: Siddhartha
The river was mocking him… the sage, the sinner, the holy Siddhartha. Much to learn from this book if the right lessons are drawn. Pay attention, it can be tricky, for wisdom cannot be imparted but it is found in the least expected places. And don’t search a lot, because the harder you search, the less you find. So is it a manual for soul enlightenment? Not really. To me, it is more like someone telling me to abandon my caprices, and to stop thinking I need things to be happy. And there are no doctrines in life to be a better person, supposing that known doctrines aim at making their adepts better people (we seem to have forgotten this while we are immersed in our own blinding beliefs). The secret is to get out of the vicious circle and go upwards, and just flow. How hard can it be? Well, the word is nirvana. And the young Siddhartha embarks on a long and weary journey to find this place. But to reach inner peace, one has to stumble, sin and love, experience sorrow and disillusionment, one has to be everything, the tree, the thief, the rock. Let go, feel the unity and just disappear.

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